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Melia Associates LLC was established in January, 2022, when T.F. Melia Company merged with Air Equipment LLC. Both original firms were well-established manufacturer’s representatives serving Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

The new firm is even bigger and better, providing a variety of HVAC products from some of the leading manufacturing firms in the industry. The focus is on air distribution, air moving and controls, and architectural HVAC products. The staff at Melia Associates LLC has decades of experience and offers exceptional knowledge and service to installing contractors, consulting engineers, building owners, and architects.

Our Product Line

Titus HVAC

As has been our legacy, we continue to advance every aspect of our business to meet the changing needs of our customers and HVAC professionals world wide. Our web site is no exception to that. We have changed the look, feel, functionality...

Loren Cook

The Loren Cook Company has been manufacturing fans and blowers since 1941. The company is known for its extensive line of commercial exhaust and supply fans, industrial blowers, laboratory exhaust systems, and gravity ventilators. Cook utilizes the latest technology in Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM), and has AMCA-certified air and acoustical testing labs.


Ruskin is known worldwide for quality fire, smoke, and combination fire/smoke dampers; control dampers; architectural louvers; and air measuring and control products. Consulting engineers and architects count on Ruskin’s expertise in air management solutions to make buildings safer, comfortable, and more energy efficient.


Dadanco manufactures the finest induction units available on the market. One of the many well-known brands that make up Mestek, Inc., Dadanco is renowned for its line of active chilled beams, passive chilled beams, and sidewall induction units. Utilizing hydronic cooling technology, Dadanco chilled beams provide superior room comfort while greatly reducing the building’s energy consumption.


Gripple wire hangers are used to install ductwork and other HVAC equipment. Compared to using threaded rod and Unistrut, Gripple can reduce installation time by 50%. The patented Gripple hangers and wire come in five sizes, based on the weight of the equipment being installed. All Gripple products are tested to support at least five times their rated weight load.


RenewAire offers a full line of Energy Recovery Ventilators, with an airflow range of 30 cfm all the way up to 11,000 cfm. Utilizing an innovative static plate energy recover core, RenewAire units can recover up to 80% of the thermal energy that otherwise would be exhausted from the building. This greatly reduces the amount of energy needed to heat or cool the outdoor ventilation air. The static plate core is made of hydroscopic resin, which allow the transfer of latent heat as well as sensible heat. In the age of COVID, outdoor air ventilation is more important than ever, and RenewAire ERV’s are the perfect solution. RenewAire also offers a line of DOAS units, with integral cooling and heating.

Precision Air

Since 1974, Precision Air has manufactured quality laminar flow and HEPA diffusers for critical environment applications. Precision Air is the only company with the technology to deliver true zero-particle air.

Cambridge Air Solutions

Cambridge Air Solutions offers products that heat and ventilate commercial and industrial buildings. Using HTHV technology (High Temperature Heating & Ventilation), Cambridge units use direct-fired gas burners to provide the maximum amount of BTUs per CFM, a very energy-efficient way to heat warehouses, factories, and other large spaces.


FabricAir is the producer of highly flexible fabric ductwork systems. The company specializes is cost-effective solutions with easy maintenance. FabricAir invented fabric ductwork in 1973, and is the worldwide industry leader. Fabric ductwork is colorful, attractive, and greatly reduces installation costs. Architects love the way it looks in gymnasiums, pools, and restaurants.

Berner International

For over 55 years, Berner International has been providing top quality air curtains to protect doorways and building openings. By creating a high-velocity stream of air, these products will keep hot, muggy air (in the summer) and freezing cold air (in the winter) from entering the building. This environmental separation function not only makes building occupants more comfortable, but also offers huge savings on the energy bill. Air curtains also do a great job of preventing insects from entering a building, which is crucial in the restaurant and food service industry. A new change to the building code now allows an air curtain to take the place of a double doorway vestibule, which frees up a lot of valuable square footage.

Seiho International

SEIHO International, Inc. is a manufacturer of contemporary designs of Diffusers, Nozzles, Grilles and Registers, such as aluminum SpotDiffusers, aluminum TurboNozzle diffusers, and double deflection RoundRegisters.

United Enertech

United Enertech is American owned and operated. As a customer or potential customer you are invited to tour our facility at any time. We enjoy giving tours and are proud to show what United Enertech has become. We are proud of our history...


QMark employs both innovation and practicality in standard and custom-engineered heating and ventilation solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. QMark offers heating products ranging from baseboard heaters, unit heaters, portable heaters, and wall heaters.

Hunter Industrial

Hunter Industrial is the commercial/industrial division of the well-known Hunter ceiling fan company. Hunter invented ceiling fans over a century ago, and Hunter Industrial manufactures top quality HVLS fans (high volume, low speed) for applications such as gymnasiums, warehouses, lobbies, atriums, and any space with high ceilings. With Hunter fans, the fan hub is an EC motor, which eliminates the need for oil-filled gear boxes and other components prone to leakage and failure. The EC motor allows the fan speed to modulate to the ideal setting: faster to provide comfort in the summer, and slower to prevent heat stratification in winter. Hunter Industrial offers HVLS fans from 5-foot diameter up to 24-foot diameter.


Markel Products Company has been the choice of professionals since 1921. Today Markel is an industry leader in providing smart choices for any application that requires electric heat, thermostats, controls, industrial fans, commercial fans, or industrial lighting.

ZOO Fans

ZOO Fans is a leading supplier of innovative fans and smart controls. Offering energy efficiency, performance, and comfort, ZOO Fans are excellent for destratification applications and parking garage ventilation.


Envirco is a manufacturer of laminar flow products, including ceiling-mounted fan filter units (FFU), for pharmaceutical, health care, semiconductor, and micro-electronics industries. Envirco’s portable HEPA filtration unit, IsoClean CM, is a terrific way to remove infectious pathogens from room air, especially now in the age of COVID.


Thermaduct provides high quality insulated ductwork systems for exterior installations. Their family of pre-insulated products are designed to increase the efficiency of the application with higher R-values and lower air leakage, while at the same time reducing installation costs with lightweight ductwork that requires no additional insulation or wrapping. Also, the vinyl outer layer of Thermaduct not only weather-proofs the ductwork, it also looks brand new many years after installation.


Since 1975, KEES Inc. has supplied both stock and made-to-order architectural sheet metal products for the HVAC industry. Kees is known as a creative and agile manufacturing company, dedicated to ensuring that customers receive prompt and knowledgeable support. In an age when “cookie cutter” manufacturing dominates many industries, Kees takes pride in providing custom grilles and registers, the kinds other firms would be fearful to attempt.

Soler and Palau

The Soler and Palau company has been making ventilation products for over 60 years. They offer an impressive line of inline fans, specifically designed for applications such as dryer exhaust and radon mitigation. S&P also offers extremely energy efficient ceiling bathroom exhaust fans.

Linx Industries

Linx Industries, formerly known as Lindab, developed the concept of gasketed spiral duct fittings, which revolutionized the round duct segment of the HVAC industry. With an extensive product line—from 4” to 60” diameter round duct, countless fitting options, and flat oval duct—Linx is the go-to company for specialized spiral ductwork projects.

Northeastern Sheet Metal

Northeastern Sheet Metal is a New England-based fabrication shop that specializes in custom ductwork: rectangular, round, oval, double-wall; plus elbows, reducers, take-offs, and much more. Best of all, NESM has quick lead times and low shipping costs.


Nailor Industries is a leading manufacturer of HVAC products, such as VAV terminal units, fan coil units (FCUs), electric duct heaters, and control dampers.


Anemostat is renowned for superior security products, such as grilles and diffusers used in prison cells. Air outlets from Anemostat are tested and certified to meet the strict requirements for this specialized application.

Sterling HVAC

Sterling HVAC, the most recognized name in the game, has been producing industry leading high efficiency heating products for over 50 years. From traditional Unit Heaters to Rooftop and Indoor Make-Up Air units, Sterling HVAC has the solution to fit every residential, commercial or industrial application.


Monoxivent offers a wide variety of vehicle exhaust removal systems, including spring hose reels, motorized hose reels, simple drops, portable units, underfloor and rail systems. In addition, Monoxivent offers a full range of fume arms for all source-capture applications, including welding smoke, dust, and other hazardous airborne particulates. Finally, Monoxivent also fabricates Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) ductwork, which does not corrode or leak in underground or other wet and caustic environments.


Metropolitan Air Technology (M.A.T.) offers remotely operated balancing dampers, which work great to balance airflow in branch ducts and takeoffs located behind hard ceilings. M.A.T. makes the innovative “Roto-Twist” series, with a cable that sets the position of the damper blades. They also offer the UL classified Electro-Balance® series, which are battery-powered dampers designed to allow damper adjustment from a small access point in the ceiling or wall, or from a nearby mechanical closet.


Pottorff manufactures top-quality dampers and louvers. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Pottorff has over 50 years of experience fabricating a full line of air control and backdraft dampers; UL-rated fire, smoke, and ceiling radiation dampers; and architectural louvers and penthouses. In the modern construction industry, customization is often required. When one-of-a-kind products are needed, Pottorff meets these challenges quickly and economically.


AQC is a manufacturer of dust collectors. The exhaust fumes from woodworking and metal fabrication cannot simply be blown out to the atmosphere. The wood and metal fragments first must be filtered out by a dust collector unit. AQC makes many different types: cyclone, shaker, and cartridge, and in many different sizes. They have a product that is perfect for small high school shop rooms, large commercial manufacturing facilities, and everything in between.


Ultra Violet Devices, Inc. (UVDI) manufactures a wide array of ultra-violet products for the HVAC industry. UV light does a great job of neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and mold by disrupting an organism’s DNA, rendering it incapable of reproducing. UV lights can be installed inside air handlers or ductwork to disinfect the air stream. For four decades UVDI products have protected public health by making sure the air we breathe does not contain harmful levels of infectious organisms.


Vibro-Acoustics is a leader in HVAC noise control solutions. The company makes duct sound attenuators; acoustical louvers, barriers, and enclosures; and vibration isolation sound curbs. Vibro-Acoustics has a team of 20 application engineers who are dedicated to working with architects, engineers, and sound consultants to do acoustical analyses of projects during the design phase, to ensure noise requirements are achieved at the lowest cost.

Denlar Fire Protection

Denlar Fire Protection is a manufacturer of pre-engineered range hoods with built-in suppression systems. The hoods are designed for residential-style ranges used in buildings where food is not prepared for sale. This includes assisted living facilities, fire & police stations, churches, student housing, home economics classrooms, condominium clubhouses, etc. All Denlar hoods meet the UL300A standard, and offer crucial protection in situations where the people doing the cooking may become distracted. Denlar offers an economical solution to prevent fire disasters.